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How to Correctly include jQuery in your WordPress Plugin

One of the most frustrating items I’ve come across recently is that alot of WordPress plugins include their own version of jQuery or similar JavaScript library. Please Stop!!!! What you may not realize is that WordPress comes bundled with the jQuery library and to boot they provide a simple method to not only include it

Creating a Custom Feed in WordPress

Ever find yourself wanting to create a custom feed of your WordPress managed website? Lucky for you they have the handy add_feed hook that allows you to define as many feeds as you want, Just be careful not to duplicate any existing feeds. I personally find myself using this feature to output xml of data

Creating a WordPress Custom Page Walker

Many if not all plugin and theme developers of the popular WordPress software are familiar with the wp_list_pages function. However very few individuals are aware of the Walker classes of WordPress and how they can be extended to customize your page lists with unique and custom functionality. The following article is going to attempt to

Platinum SEO Pack vs All In One SEO Pack. Which SEO Plugin should you use?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress powered website or blog there are 2 main choices: All In One SEO Pack and Platinum SEO Pack. To help you make an informed decision on which to use I have compiled a comparison of the plugins’ features. Feature Comparison Feature All In One SEO

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to create a sub page navigation.

Until the release of WordPress 3.0 due out later in the year, creating a sub navigation is still a somewhat obscure and tricky task. To hopefully shed some light on how to create a Sub Navigation for your own needs I am going to walk-through how you can output a pages child or sub pages.

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to use conditional tags to create custom sidebars

WordPress has many nice built in features and helper functions for us to use in our websites. Some of the basic conditional functions like is_page, is_single, and is_home are perhaps the most versatile and useful to developers and site owners. These functions simply return true or false for if you are on a page, post,

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to split a post into multiple pages

When writing a post to your WordPress powered blog or website have you ever wished you could split it up into multiple pages? The good news is that you can WordPress comes by default with the ability to create paginated posts by use of the Page-Link tag. This tag notifies WordPress that the following content

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to utilize custom fields to enhance your blog posts and main page

Very often when developing a WordPress powered blog or website you may find that you need to add custom features. One of the most common feature requests that I have come across is to add an image to the excerpts that get displayed on the main posts/articles page. Some people will try to utilize the

WordPress Plugins: Configurable Tag Cloud: a better tag cloud

As I often find myself comparing various plugins for the WordPress pwered site, I thought it would be handy to give a nod to my favorite plugins. Without futher ado here is my prefered tag cloud of choice: Configurable Tag Cloud. If you have a tag cloud on your WordPress powered website or blog chances

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to use get_posts & get_pages to create custom navigations

In addition to using the wp_get_archives function to display archives, WordPress provides a multitude of other functions that you can use to suit your navigational needs. Two similar functions that come to mind are get_posts and get_pages. The get_posts function returns all the posts that match your criteria while get_pages returns pages. To illustrate how