Platinum SEO Pack vs All In One SEO Pack. Which SEO Plugin should you use?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress powered website or blog there are 2 main choices: All In One SEO Pack and Platinum SEO Pack. To help you make an informed decision on which to use I have compiled a comparison of the plugins’ features.

Feature Comparison

Feature All In One SEO Platinum SEO
Canonical URLs
Overwrite Titles
Automatically Generate Meta Tags
Automatic 301 Redirects
Support for Spider Specific Meta Tags (noindex, noarchive, etc)
Auto Meta Plugin Compatible
Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin Compatible

As can be seen the two plugins contain the same base SEO functionality with the Platinum SEO Pack having a few additional options that are mainly used by advanced SEO optimizers.

Plugin Usability

The main configuration screen of the two plugins are almost identical with the exception of a few varying options and that the All In One SEO Pack screen displays ads front and center to donate and for buying WordPress themes as can be seen in the below screen shot.

The Platinum SEO Pack Plugin however displays the normal links navigation across the top that can be found in most WordPress plugins. The page / post level editors for the two plugins however don’t contain any real differences beyond the additional META tag support options that is available only in Platinum SEO Pack.

Which SEO Plugin should you use?

Simply put in my opinion the best SEO Plugin you can have at the moment is Platinum SEO Pack. This Plugin is easy to use contains all the SEO features your site will require and also doesn’t contain annoying advertisements like the All In One SEO Pack plugin. If you are currently using the All In One SEO Pack Plugin don’t worry switching is easy as the Platinum SEO Pack is able to import your settings from the All In One SEO Pack.


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