Code Snippets

Rendering IE 8 in IE 7 compatibility mode

Unfortunately Microsoft over the years has left us disappointed year after year with their web browser Internet Explorer. Yes, I know we all have had frustration with the little quirks that all browsers have but Internet Explorer has been the bane of the web developer. IE 8 like previous incarnations appears at first to be

Testing if JavaScript method Exists

When developing within a large web application it may be needed to check if a JavaScript function/object exists prior to being calling. The benefits to checking if the method exists are: No JavaScript errors are Generated. if needed you can dynamically load and initialize your method or object In most cases you won’t need to

Creating a WordPress Custom Page Walker

Many if not all plugin and theme developers of the popular WordPress software are familiar with the wp_list_pages function. However very few individuals are aware of the Walker classes of WordPress and how they can be extended to customize your page lists with unique and custom functionality. The following article is going to attempt to

How to Save and Write To and From a File in Visual Basic

A common task when creating a form based windows application is to allow a user to save their information and to also load saved information. In this short tutorial I will show you the basic steps to save a form’s information to a file and then load up the contents of the saved file. Saving

Accessing an SSL secured url from PHP with cURL

Recently I was playing around with the SSL configurations within my PHP Wrapper Library for Harvest API and noticed that I was getting an access error. As it turns out cURL was behaving properly and trying to verify the SSL Certificate of the server, and as no CA Certificate was associated with the library it

Tips & Tricks: How to perform String Concatenation in Visual Basic

Visual Basic allows multiple methods for concatenating Strings. The simplest and most easily recognized method is using the + operator which will perform the concatenation of Strings. However if you want to concatenate two numbers together you will first have to convert them to Strings to use the + operator. To enable you to specify

Code Snippets: How to use the deprecated and link javadoc tags

Over the lifespan of a software’s code source you will inevitably have to rename functions and properties of classes and maybe even remove them all together. This is not a major issue on simple projects but when your project is used by multiple applications then you may find that you need to keep these deprecated

Tips & Tricks: How to utilize triggers to batch migrate data between tables

Transferring data between tables is a common task of database maintenance. It is used when updating database schemas or when you need to migrate data to a log or history table. There are 2 common methods for performing the transfer the first is done by use of a WHERE NOT EXISTS sub query, while the

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to create a sub page navigation.

Until the release of WordPress 3.0 due out later in the year, creating a sub navigation is still a somewhat obscure and tricky task. To hopefully shed some light on how to create a Sub Navigation for your own needs I am going to walk-through how you can output a pages child or sub pages.

Java Code Snippets: Performing a Single line or Inline if else statement

For some reason I have the utmost trouble remembering how to do a single line or inline if else statement. This article is mainly for myself so hopefully I will remember the next time I want to do an inline if else statement. The usual format for performing an if else statement is: if( $val1