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How to Correctly include jQuery in your WordPress Plugin

One of the most frustrating items I’ve come across recently is that alot of WordPress plugins include their own version of jQuery or similar JavaScript library. Please Stop!!!! What you may not realize is that WordPress comes bundled with the jQuery library and to boot they provide a simple method to not only include it

Performing Batch processing with iBATIS and Spring

When utilizing the iBATIS framework you define your SQL Maps to perform the basic CRUD functionality and additional business logic for an individual item. Very often you will be only updating single objects at a time and this is great, but what happens on those occasions where you find yourself processing hundreds of objects at

Creating a Custom Feed in WordPress

Ever find yourself wanting to create a custom feed of your WordPress managed website? Lucky for you they have the handy add_feed hook that allows you to define as many feeds as you want, Just be careful not to duplicate any existing feeds. I personally find myself using this feature to output xml of data

Creating a WordPress Custom Page Walker

Many if not all plugin and theme developers of the popular WordPress software are familiar with the wp_list_pages function. However very few individuals are aware of the Walker classes of WordPress and how they can be extended to customize your page lists with unique and custom functionality. The following article is going to attempt to

Using the Describe command of IBM DB2 to get column data types

Ever find yourself working in an unfamiliar Database or table and in need of knowing what are the data types for the different columns? Well that recently happened to me when I had to expand some queries in a DB2 environment. As it turns out there exists the Describe command that outputs the columns of

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