Visual Basic

How to Save and Write To and From a File in Visual Basic

A common task when creating a form based windows application is to allow a user to save their information and to also load saved information. In this short tutorial I will show you the basic steps to save a form’s information to a file and then load up the contents of the saved file. Saving

Visual Basic Comments

The strangest way to comment I have come across in my career is the use of the single quote (‘). Usually a language will use the pound (#) or double backslash (//) and will use the single quote (‘) to specify string values. However for whatever reason in Visual Basic they use the single quote

A brief overview of Arrays and utility functions in Visual Basic

Arrays in Visual Basic are handled differently then their counter parts in Java, PHP, and Ruby. The first difference is that you specify array index by use of parenthesis not square brackets. Java Array Initialization String[] myArray = new String[20]; Visual Basic Array Initialization Dim myArray(19) As String Looking over the two arrays you may

Tips & Tricks: How to perform String Concatenation in Visual Basic

Visual Basic allows multiple methods for concatenating Strings. The simplest and most easily recognized method is using the + operator which will perform the concatenation of Strings. However if you want to concatenate two numbers together you will first have to convert them to Strings to use the + operator. To enable you to specify