Software Development

Performing Batch processing with iBATIS and Spring

When utilizing the iBATIS framework you define your SQL Maps to perform the basic CRUD functionality and additional business logic for an individual item. Very often you will be only updating single objects at a time and this is great, but what happens on those occasions where you find yourself processing hundreds of objects at

What is the main difference between MIT and GPL licenses?

When writing applications, libraries, or other source code we often want some control over how it is used by the community. Licenses allow us developers to protect our rights to the source code while defining the terms in which others may utilize it. Two of the most common licenses used in open source software are

Logging with log4j: How and why you should use logging within your application.

Why should developers use logging? Logging to those new in the development world is the process of putting output statements inside your code to facilitate debugging and analysis of performance or issues.  Development of an application is completed by going through a life-cycle that typically includes requirements, code production, testing, and deployment in some manor.

Test-driven Development – A Software Development Process

What is Test-driven Development? Test-driven development is a process or technique for the development of software or code. The main focus with this process is the understanding of the requirements to enable the developer to write tests for new functionality and features before they write any code. This enables the developer to have a specific