Happiness Engineer : Day 3

You may know WordPress the software (WordPress.org if you will) but WordPress.com is completely different. Last year the user interface for WordPress.com was updated to use “Calypso”, you can still access the traditional wp-admin but most users use the new interface with new features being added all the time.

Talk about a shock to your confidence, time to re-learn how a WordPress.com user interacts with their site. On top of that WordPress is a registrar now! Helping users isn’t just about helping them edit and manage their website it is about helping them register, transfer and map domains: manage their plans and subscriptions: and in general helping them find where they need to go.

Humbling experience to get exposed to the breadth of concerns that the Happiness Engineers at WordPress.com assist with on a daily basis. Day 3 of working with A8C and slowly learning the ins and out of WordPress.com and all the products that Automattic supports. Wonder what I’ll learn tomorrow.

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