Day 2 of A8C : What NOT to do

“With great powers come great responsibilities.” Having access and control of millions of sites, users and content knowing what not to do is in someways more important than what to do. And rightly enough the first topic of our second day of Happiness Training. Followed closely by Security, protect your own information to better protect the company and your users, and Tickets!

Day 2 and I’m already helping users out. I’m Matthew Denton and you might see me respond to your queries on, if so Hi!

On a related note my new Laptop and Time Capsule came in today so time to put some of those security standards in place starting with Drive Encryption and unique passwords for every account. Daunting I know but if there is a method to your madness (not XXX12, XXX13) it can be quite easy to remember passwords or you can use a Password Manager so you only need to remember 1 at a time.

Hmm, now if only I can find the right click on this MacBook Pro… (Yes, that was a joke)

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