A Month+ in the A8C life

So yeah, its been over 5 weeks since I’ve started working at Automattic(A8C), simply put the best job I’ve every had. Simple Litmus test you have your dream job? Easy.

  • Enjoy going to/doing your work? check
  • Can step away from work without feeling the need to constantly check-in? check
  • Great colleagues to interact with and make friends with? check
  • Learning something new every day? check
  • Happy? check

First 3 weeks of Happiness Rotation is an eye opener. Having worked with WordPress extensively the new WP.com interface (calypso) and getting on the same wave length of users could be frustrating (learning how to do things all over again). However at the end it really served a purpose in highlighting how diverse users are and communication is key.

Now you can find me on WordPress VIP, loving the challenge of learning about all the tools, sites and processes both utilized and maintained. Best part is the complete empowerment everyone has to try new ideas and make our jobs easier for each other. Getting some great ideas for my own projects as well, working with exceptional talent does bring out the best in you.

~ Later, Matthew

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