WP Advertising Associate – Plugin Approved on WordPress.org

Great News!! The revised and renamed plugin WP Advertising Associate (previously titled WordPress Amazon Associate) has been approved for listing on the WordPress.org Directory Listing. Please update to the new plugin at your earliest convenience. You will need to deactivate and delete the existing WordPress Amazon Associate plugin however all settings will carry over to the new plugin and all existing code will remain functional.

Comments & Questions

  1. Hi,
    I have been using WP AA for a long time. I am now keen on upgrading. Unfortunately I do not find this plugin anywhere. Why has it been removed? I cannot even find anything ocmparable, so there must be some technical reason for these plugins to be taken down!

    1. I’m having the same issues…

    2. Hi,
      Could we have a status update on the plugin? Is it still safe to use WP Amazon Associate? Do you have an update version anywhere?

      1. Hi, I actually don’t know at this time how stable the code base is with current versions of WP and Amazon’s Associate Program. I’ve been planning to re-build the plugin to account for several large issues in it but untill that time comes support is a bit limited. If there are certain features you are utilizing heavily let me know and I can do a quick review.

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