Long Awaited Version 1.8.0 of WPAA is released

Rejoice!! Today we released version 1.8.0 of the WordPress-Amazon-Associate (WPAA) plugin. This minor but long awaited release contains full support for the Italy (IT), China (CN) and Spain (ES) Locales of the Amazon Product API / Affiliate Programs.

In addition to the addition of the locales I corrected a bug with the Omakase Widget so that the user’s styling options are correctly rendered and enhanced the validation logic so that if validation fails you are presented with the error code and detail message. This information will help you correct the issue or can be sent to myself for assistance in correcting.

This release does not include the update to auto correct for time differences between your host server time and the official GMT time. Upon further investigation I determined this change requires some re-work and I wanted to make sure everyone that had been waiting patiently for the locale updates could get it as soon as it was ready.

Enjoy and let me know if there are any issues.

Comments & Questions

  1. Hi, I have added the plugin to my blog, but when I activate it it wipes out my wp-admin. The site is still visible on the front end. I have had to remove it through ftp to get back into Admin.
    Is there any known issues with other plug ins?

    1. Steve, I haven’t seen this issue in the past, what version of WordPress does your site use?

  2. Have an issue, though it’s only an annoyance at this point. When the plugin is active my sidebars and footers are missing from the widgets page in the editor. In order to edit any of them I have to deactivate the plugin, make the changes and then reactivate.

    1. Hi, what version of WordPress are you using? I haven’t seen this issue as of yet and any additional info would be great to help resolve.

  3. No problem Matthew, just thought you’d like to know, and that others might like to know. Thing is, if you have a lot of pages, and you weren’t looking at Webmaster Tools too much, you could miss that it’s happening.

  4. Hey Matt,

    I had some major issues with the plugin, to the point where I had to deactivate it.

    One was the fact that despite many attempts, and despite many refreshes of my keys, my account would not validate.

    But the more serious issue, and I put a couple of comments through to you on this a few months ago, was that for any page on which I placed an affiliate link, and used the plugin, no content would display, al that would output is the post title.

    1. Scott,

      Sorry you had issues with the plugin. Unfortunately this week is the first time in pretty much the last 6 months that I was able to work on the plugin. I’m going through all the messages in the meantime to make sure I follow up with any defects and/or issues faced by users.

      Again my apologies.

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