New Release: WordPress Amazon Associate Plugin version 1.4.1

Today we released a patch to the WordPress Amazon Associate Plugin to correct an error in the Quick Links Module as well as providing additional styling for Amazon product images created through ShortCode. The latest available version (1.4.1) contains these changes and are worth getting if you utilize the HTML editor for writing content on your website.

Last week Ustad identified an issue where the insert product buttons of the Quick Links component was not inserting into the post/page content. Manuel then provided the necessary details on the error by pointing out that this issue occurred only when in the HTML editor mode. Thanks to this insight we were able to correct the issue by utilizing the send_to_editor JavaScript function that WordPress provides.

Today I received an email from Ariel asking if it would be possible to include alignment of Amazon Product Images so that inserted images will not cause breaks in content. After reviewing the code base I determined that although adding the align property is possible that it would be best instead to include a class attribute as align is deprecated. Therefore all amazon_image ShortCode can now be styled by use of the class attribute.

[amazon_image class="alignleft"]....[/amazon_image]

Looking at the site I notice that the content is sorely lacking when it comes to the amazon_link and amazon_image ShortCodes. Hopefully I will get some free time to get these documented shortly for everyone. Also as a side note development of Version 2.0 is well underway and it looks like it will also contain support for another Amazon Widget.

Happy Holidays ! ~ Matthew

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