APaPi – development version 0.2 released

Today we have released the second development release of the APaPi library version 0.2. In addition to numerous bug fixes and code cleanup efforts we have provided support for a number of new features in this release. The most note worthy change is that we have implemented an Iterator that will query Amazon as needed for additional pages of results as needed while iterating through all the product results. This allows users of the APaPi library to loop over the results without having to worry about manually calling for the next page of results. The second major enhancement is that we now support the SimilarityLookup operation of the Amazon Product Advertising API.

The latest version is available in the downloads page of the APaPi – Amazon Product API project. Also just to make sure it is noted in this release the public_key and private_key have been renamed to access_key and secret_key respectively to match the Amazon nomenclature.

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