How to get localized Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes

For those that aren’t familiar with Yahoo Finance. They provide a simple api for obtaining information (quote) on stocks. To learn the basics of how it works you can read the post Yahoo Finance Stock API, and Understanding Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes and sl1d1t1c1ohgv which outlines the various information that you can request.

However these posts simply inform you of the United States Localized url for obtaining the information. For those in other parts of the world you can use a localized url to get time and date information based on your location. This is done by prepending the country code to the url. For example Germany would prepend de to the url and would download the information at:

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A full list of Country Codes can be found below.

Country Codes

Argentina ar
Australia au
Brazil br
Canada ca
France fr
Germany de
Hong Kong hk
India in
Ireland uk
Italy it
Korea kr
New Zealand au
Singapore sg
Spain es
United Kingdom uk

Also as Bastian pointed out in the comments the csv file does not use the , (comma) character as the delimiter for localizations that use commas instead of the period in displaying currency. In these cases the delimiter that is used is the ; (semicolon). The full list of countries with the different delimiter is below.

Localizations with ; delimiter


Comments & Questions

  1. Bastian. When utilizing the different localizations the csv file has a different delimiter. It utilizes the ;(semi colon) character instead of a ,(comma). When I pull the above url in the post it gives me a time stamp of 22:00 which is EST + 6 hours which is the German time zone.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  2. Hi,

    the way catching stock information you described here does not work. It delivers no concrete information. You may test the URL. It looks like you´ll have to fix the URL like this:

    So you´ll have to search for “SAP.DE” instead of just “SAP”. In your example it is “DELL”, which would have to be “DELL.DE”. But the time yahoo delivers always is american time zone.


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