Release 0.3: PHP Wrapper Library for Harvest API

New Version Released!! Get it here.

Version 0.3 is available. I’ve been making enhancements since the initial release of the PHP Wrapper Library for the Harvest API. This 0.3 version of the wrapper library contains full implementation of the Extended REST API minus the receipt images. In addition there are 2 new utility classes that contain constants for the currency and timezone values that Harvest Supports. I have also updated the files to be phpDocumentor compliant with inline example code usage available at  For those that want a quick introduction to the library please visit the 0.2 release post that shows some usage examples.


This version remains largely untested as I currently make use of only the Projects, Clients, Contacts, and Expenses portion of the API. If you encounter any bugs, or issues with the library please contact me with the details. I hope that you will find this library useful and if you do feel free to leave a comment.



// Harvest // PHP //

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