iBATIS Data Mapper

What is iBATIS?

iBATIS is a framework that utilize DAO and SQL Maps to create a light weight persistence layer interfaces that allows you as the developer to easily interact with your Database using objects and sql that you write instead of learning complex ORMs such as Hibernate. Simply put iBATIS acts as the mapper layer between your Database and Objects.  Also for those that find themselves working in both Java and .NET iBATIS has implementations in both languages. Basic information on both SQL Maps and the DAO Framework is below, to get started either visit the iBATIS website or their official Developer Documentation.

SQL Maps

SQL Maps are XML descriptor files that outline how to connect with your database, and how to map your objects to SQL Queries and SQL Queries Results to your objects. iBATIS provides basic a tutorial on using SQLMaps on their project site.


Data Access Objects (DAOs) are objects that represent an interface for interacting with data without exposing the underlying database.  This provides a separation of application or business logic from the persistance layer or database allowing code to be reused across multiple environments.

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