Harvest – Online Time Tracking and Reporting Application

What is Harvest?

Harvest is, simply put, an online time tracking application. Harvest works on the basic concept that your time is recorded on a per project basis and that each project belongs to a client. This allows you to easily generate an invoice for a project or at the client level depending on your own billing needs. In addition your time can be recorded against tasks to get detailed reports on where your time is spent on a project.  Some of the key features of Harvest are outline below.


  • Time Tracking
    Harvest has an online interface for entering your time as well as desktop applications.
  • Budgets
    allows you to set budgets on a project or for specific tasks. Allowing you to easily see what projects are over budget or determining what tasks are consistently over budget to determine if you need to allocate more resources or take further action
  • Reports
    Harvest has various reports from project statuses, invoices, expenses, and detailed time tracking of users, tasks, and projects.
  • Quickbooks Integration
    Harvest has the built in ability to export time sheets to Quickbooks if you use it for billing and reporting
  • Basecamp Integration
    built in integration with basecamp project management software
  • API
    Harvest provides both a Time Tracking API and an extended REST API for easily accessing and managing data. Allowing Harvest Users to easily integrate harvest reports or account management into their own applications.


Harvest is available with 3 different pricing plans, ranging in price from $12 to $90 per month.  For those just starting out they offer a 30 day free trial and a free account that allows you to track 4 active clients and 2 active projects.  Visit Harvest’s website to learn more and sign-up today.

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