Subtle but required syntax when writing a DB2 WHERE clause

While continuing my exploration into the world of DB2 databases, I found myself confused as to why my basic SELECT … WHERE … statement were failing when I tried to do AND/OR clauses. After a little fumbling around I found the solution… parentheses. Parenthesis? you ask, yes. Simply put when you want to write a

// DB2 //
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How to limit rows returned in a DB2 database

Back from an extended vacation and I find myself in the middle of a project needing to export data from a DB2 database. Fortunately I have decent knowledge of SQL and the basic syntax matches up but then I found myself wanting to limit the results returned. Now in T-SQL and MySQL I often would

// DB2 //
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1.0 release to the HaPi Library – PHP Wrapper Library of the Harvest API

The official 1.0 release of the PHP Wrapper Library of the Harvest API is finally here. Over the last few weeks I have been performing bug fixes as well as making some functional enhancements. In this release I have added in a new HarvestReports object that allows users to query for only active/inactive clients, projects,

New Project Laboratory Site

Due to the increased usage and amount of projects and utilities that can be found here on my developer blog, I have decided it is time to create a separate site for them allowing for users to find relevant examples and information easier. Therefore the MDBitz – Project Laboratory is know available. Currently I have

The MDBitz – Project Laboratory

I’ve been using my coding blog MDBitz – Development Resources for a while now to post various articles on programming in general. However as the site has evolved I found it very hard to keep track of all the different projects and code utilities that I posted in an effort to help other developers and

Using iSQL to connect to Sybase Databases via the Command Line

In most instances you will be using a User Interface of one sort or another to execute Transact-SQL commands against your Sybase Database Servers. In rare occasions however I find that I execute commands through the dos prompt via the Interactive SQL Utility or iSQL as it is more commonly referred. Opening a Connection BCP

// DOS // T-SQL //
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Using the BCP utility to input and output data to/from Sybase

When performing database maintenance you will occasionally find the need to export data out of your database tables to an operating system for storage, or conversely import data to a table from a file. You may find yourself needing to do these tasks for data backup or for inserting data that comes from a 3rd

// DOS // T-SQL // Tools //
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Bug Fix Release 0.4.2 for the PHP Wrapper Library for Harvest API

Release 0.4.2 is now available of the Harvest API PHP Wrapper Library hot on the heals of the 0.4.1 release. In this Bug Fix we resolved an unrelated issue with parsing of User and Project entries obtained by the getUserEntries and getProjectEntries methods. The underlying error was caused from the time tracking api using _

Accessing an SSL secured url from PHP with cURL

Recently I was playing around with the SSL configurations within my PHP Wrapper Library for Harvest API and noticed that I was getting an access error. As it turns out cURL was behaving properly and trying to verify the SSL Certificate of the server, and as no CA Certificate was associated with the library it

A Developer’s perspective on creating an informative and useful Build Estimate

The easiest way to ruin a project is poor Project Management. Regardless of the quality of the developers if the project is properly managed it is very easy for a good project to go bad. One tool often used to manage a project is the Build Estimate. This document/tool is used to simply outline each