How to Correctly include jQuery in your WordPress Plugin

One of the most frustrating items I’ve come across recently is that alot of WordPress plugins include their own version of jQuery or similar JavaScript library. Please Stop!!!! What you may not realize is that WordPress comes bundled with the jQuery library and to boot they provide a simple method to not only include it

Plupload – A new file uploading tool from moxiecode

For those of us that have applications that require the uploading of files, our work has just gotten easier. Earlier this month the folks of moxiecode (tinymce) released the first version of their File Uploading tool Plupload. This handy tool enables users to utilize Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, and other web assets for handling and displaying

Tips & Tricks: How to add a new Table Row using jQuery

In Dynamic websites we often find that we need to modify page content on the fly based on user actions. A common example of this is allowing the user to add additional input boxes for configurations or attachments. I personally like to contain such input as a new row in a table. To accomplish this

Code Snipetts: How to use JQuery to submit a form on enter

Often as a User we don’t want to use our mouse or tab to the submit button to submit a form on a Web page, instead we may just want to press the enter key on our keyboard. This functionality can be easily completed by performing a bit of JavaScript, personally I find that utilizing