Using iSQL to connect to Sybase Databases via the Command Line

In most instances you will be using a User Interface of one sort or another to execute Transact-SQL commands against your Sybase Database Servers. In rare occasions however I find that I execute commands through the dos prompt via the Interactive SQL Utility or iSQL as it is more commonly referred. Opening a Connection BCP

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Using the BCP utility to input and output data to/from Sybase

When performing database maintenance you will occasionally find the need to export data out of your database tables to an operating system for storage, or conversely import data to a table from a file. You may find yourself needing to do these tasks for data backup or for inserting data that comes from a 3rd

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Managing your files and folders through the command prompt

Remembering the correct command prompts across different platforms can be confusing. To make things easier on myself I have compiled a short list of the commands and their options that are commonly used to create and delete files and folder in DOS. Including how to delete a folder and all its contents. How to Delete

How to use XCOPY command from windows dos prompt to copy files and folders

XCOPY is a dos command used to copy files or directories from one location to another. Most Windows user may never need to use the dos command prompt to migrate files between network drives but those of us that utilize both mac and pcs may find the need. Recently I obtained a new Windows 7