A Month+ in the A8C life

So yeah, its been over 5 weeks since I’ve started working at Automattic(A8C), simply put the best job I’ve every had. Simple Litmus test you have your dream job? Easy. Enjoy going to/doing your work? check Can step away from work without feeling the need to constantly check-in? check Great colleagues to interact with and

Day 2 of A8C : What NOT to do

“With great powers come great responsibilities.” Having access and control of millions of sites, users and content knowing what not to do is in someways more important than what to do. And rightly enough the first topic of our second day of Happiness Training. Followed closely by Security, protect your own information to better protect

Automattic (A8C) : Day 1

Today I was lucky enough to start my career at Automattic. For those that have done any research around WordPress know that Automattic is a company dedicated to the growth and well being of its clients/users and employees. This core principle is what has directed my career growth from global corporations to self hosted websites