Automattic (A8C) : Day 1

Today I was lucky enough to start my career at Automattic. For those that have done any research around WordPress know that Automattic is a company dedicated to the growth and well being of its clients/users and employees. This core principle is what has directed my career growth from global corporations to self hosted websites and stand-alone applications. I found myself asking way to often why are we doing this, how does this benefit the client or we should do this! not that just because of a budget constraint. Now I get to simply ask, how can I help you?

As for what I get out of the mix:

  • non-stop problems to solve
  • working with outstanding, vocal and caring co-workers
  • a voice in the direction of my team and the company
  • travel to company meet-ups around the world

The first 3 weeks for all new hires is the same, Happiness Rotation. It’s goal making sure we understand the issues/concerns facing WordPress users so that we take that information with us as we dive into our work at Automattic. Day 1 was about training. What are the company values, what tools do we use, what makes a good bug report. A8C has gathered a huge amount of information that is available to help with this process however finding the information is a core topic of Day 1.

Usually you find yourself counting down to events. Day 1 of 20, 102 days to my birthday, 7 months to the Grand Meetup. In this case I get to say Day 1, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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