On-Demand Placeholder Images of any size

Every find yourself with the need of placeholder images? Why create them yourselves when you can easily get an image of any size of the internet from All you need to do is append the width x height to the base url and you are returned a gif of your specified size. A very

Using the BCP utility to input and output data to/from Sybase

When performing database maintenance you will occasionally find the need to export data out of your database tables to an operating system for storage, or conversely import data to a table from a file. You may find yourself needing to do these tasks for data backup or for inserting data that comes from a 3rd

// DOS // T-SQL // Tools //
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Creating User Friendly and Twitter Friendly links with TinyURL

Often we forget that although we want our URLs to be SEO friendly and contain information about the current page. Because of this URLs can become very long and cumbersome to the user and to other applications which allow a limited amount of text like Twitter. For example the URL to this article is,

AddThis: the one stop bookmarking and Sharing tool for your blog, website, or flash application

AddThis is a free easy to utilize web service that enables you to increase your site traffic by enabling visitors to easily bookmark and share your web pages and content with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so many more. The service works by letting you add a customizable button to your site that

Plupload – A new file uploading tool from moxiecode

For those of us that have applications that require the uploading of files, our work has just gotten easier. Earlier this month the folks of moxiecode (tinymce) released the first version of their File Uploading tool Plupload. This handy tool enables users to utilize Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, and other web assets for handling and displaying