How to Correctly include jQuery in your WordPress Plugin

One of the most frustrating items I’ve come across recently is that alot of WordPress plugins include their own version of jQuery or similar JavaScript library. Please Stop!!!! What you may not realize is that WordPress comes bundled with the jQuery library and to boot they provide a simple method to not only include it

Testing if JavaScript method Exists

When developing within a large web application it may be needed to check if a JavaScript function/object exists prior to being calling. The benefits to checking if the method exists are: No JavaScript errors are Generated. if needed you can dynamically load and initialize your method or object In most cases you won’t need to

An Introduction to saving, reading, and using JavaScript Cookies

Javascript Cookies are variables that are stored on the visiting users computer. These cookies are unique to a domain so that if the site sets a cookie with information in it that cookie can not be read and utilized by In most cases cookies are used to save user settings for your website,

Plupload – A new file uploading tool from moxiecode

For those of us that have applications that require the uploading of files, our work has just gotten easier. Earlier this month the folks of moxiecode (tinymce) released the first version of their File Uploading tool Plupload. This handy tool enables users to utilize Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, and other web assets for handling and displaying

Tips & Tricks: How to add a new Table Row using jQuery

In Dynamic websites we often find that we need to modify page content on the fly based on user actions. A common example of this is allowing the user to add additional input boxes for configurations or attachments. I personally like to contain such input as a new row in a table. To accomplish this

Code Snipetts: How to use JQuery to submit a form on enter

Often as a User we don’t want to use our mouse or tab to the submit button to submit a form on a Web page, instead we may just want to press the enter key on our keyboard. This functionality can be easily completed by performing a bit of JavaScript, personally I find that utilizing

Google Search AJAX API

Want to add Search Capabilities to your website and don’t know where to start? Then Google AJAX Search API might be for you. The AJAX Search API provided by Google enables you to embed a search box into your web pages and display the results in your webpage in your own desired format and style.

Code Snippets: Opening a new window from JavaScript across all browsers

Much to every developers pain we often find that JavaScript that is functional in one browser is not functional in other browsers.  Recently the update to Safari 3 requrired that the window open command to not contain the url. As it would fail to open a window if it did, the simple fix was to

Code Snippet: How to submit and reset a Form using JavaScript

The standard approach to submit a form is through the use of the submit button. However we may find that we may want to utilize an image, text link or other elements to submit a form. In these cases we can utilize JavaScript to submit the form for us through the use of the JavaScript

Obtaining Stock Information: Utilizing AJAX, JSONP, and the YahooFinanceAPI library.

This short tutorial shows how to access Stock Information from Yahoo Finance through an AJAX call utilizing JSONP. For the tutorial the following information is required. JQuery – Javascript library with built in AJAX and JSONP functions YahooFinanceAPI – PHP library that utilizes Yahoo Finance to return stock information from an underlying call to