JSON and JSONP: An Introduction to Javascript Data Interchange

JavaScript Object Notation or JSON for short is a data interchange format commonly used in AJAX Web Applications. The format is human readable and can represent simple data structures and Objects by use of associative arrays. Syntax Formatting The JSON format is lightweight in that the properties of the JSON Data Object are encoded by 

JQuery Image Navigation w/ Active State and Rollover – Part 1

Overview A very important element of any website is its navigation or menu, and a good website has a non-obtrusive but prominent one that the user knows intuitively to interact with. A common menu technique I use is having an image as the menu item with a second image as the roll-over state.  To accomplish

Javascript String Reverse

Simple Javascript reverse function prototyped onto the String Object.

String.prototype.reverse = function(){
    return this.split("").reverse().join("");

Usage Example:

var test_string = "reverse this string";
var reversed_string = test_string.reverse();
// Javascript //