New WordPress Plugin – WordPress Amazon Associate

Some may already have noticed but this past Monday we released the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin for WordPress. This stream-linef plugin is built with the purpose of enabling you to quickly and easily take full advantage of all the widgets and feature that Amazon makes available to associates, and of course monetize your website while

Official Release 1.0 of Amazon Product API – APaPi

Yesterday we released the first official release of the APaPi library for PHP – version 1.0. This release of the library implemented numerous bug fixes through the creation of unit test cases built on the PHPUnit framework. In addition to bug fixes this version of the library implements a strict mode that will throw exceptions

Rendering IE 8 in IE 7 compatibility mode

Unfortunately Microsoft over the years has left us disappointed year after year with their web browser Internet Explorer. Yes, I know we all have had frustration with the little quirks that all browsers have but Internet Explorer has been the bane of the web developer. IE 8 like previous incarnations appears at first to be

Testing if JavaScript method Exists

When developing within a large web application it may be needed to check if a JavaScript function/object exists prior to being calling. The benefits to checking if the method exists are: No JavaScript errors are Generated. if needed you can dynamically load and initialize your method or object In most cases you won’t need to

Release of Version 0.3 of the APaPi – Amazon Product API library

Yesterday saw the release of version 0.3 of the APaPi library. This PHP Wrapper of the Amazon Product Advertising API now supports the BrowseNodeLookup operation. In addition convenience methods have been implemented that allow for users to quickly perform product searches without having to set all required parameters. For an example, if you wanted to

Performing Batch processing with iBATIS and Spring

When utilizing the iBATIS framework you define your SQL Maps to perform the basic CRUD functionality and additional business logic for an individual item. Very often you will be only updating single objects at a time and this is great, but what happens on those occasions where you find yourself processing hundreds of objects at

APaPi – development version 0.2 released

Today we have released the second development release of the APaPi library version 0.2. In addition to numerous bug fixes and code cleanup efforts we have provided support for a number of new features in this release. The most note worthy change is that we have implemented an Iterator that will query Amazon as needed

New Project – APaPi – The PHP Wrapper Library of Amazon Product API

Development has just begun on the new APaPi library. This library is to be used for obtaining information from the Amazon Product API. Currently basic support exists for performing the ItemSearch and ItemLookup operations of the API. The project is still in it’s infancy with support for full pagination and all operations to be forthcoming.

HaPi – Bug Fix Version 1.1.1 released

Many thanks to Warren Sherliker for identifying a bug in version 1.1 of the HaPi library. The underlying missing query parameter caused the getClientProjects method to fail. This issue has since been resolved and version 1.1.1 is now available which corrects the issue allowing for the method to function as expected. Version 1.1.1 can be

Creating a Custom Feed in WordPress

Ever find yourself wanting to create a custom feed of your WordPress managed website? Lucky for you they have the handy add_feed hook that allows you to define as many feeds as you want, Just be careful not to duplicate any existing feeds. I personally find myself using this feature to output xml of data