On-Demand Placeholder Images of any size

Every find yourself with the need of placeholder images? Why create them yourselves when you can easily get an image of any size of the internet from placehold.it. All you need to do is append the width x height to the base url and you are returned a gif of your specified size. A very

How to obtain the full absolute path of the exectuing shell script without readlink

One issue that I always come across when creating a shell script is referencing files dynamically based on the location of the shell script. A hack I often used was to pass the script’s path to the script on execution because the readlink command was not available to me. However recently I have revisited this

Dynamically generating the Java Classpath within a shell script

One of the main maintenance issues with running a Java application from a shell script is keeping your classpath up-to-date with the new and updated jars. To make things more difficult you can’t specify a folder as the classpath as it doesn’t include the jars in it only .class files. However through the use of

Creating a WordPress Custom Page Walker

Many if not all plugin and theme developers of the popular WordPress software are familiar with the wp_list_pages function. However very few individuals are aware of the Walker classes of WordPress and how they can be extended to customize your page lists with unique and custom functionality. The following article is going to attempt to

HaPi Library Version 1.1.0 released : supports new updated_since options

Today we have released Version 1.1.0 of the HaPi Library. This enhancement release of the library enables support for the new updated_since option that was added for Clients, Projects, Contacts, and Invoices. The full details of the Harvest API changes can be found on the Harvest Forum Announcement. For HaPi users this change means that

HaPi Bug Fix Version 1.0.1 released

Many thanks to John Vitelli for identifying a bug in version 1.0 of the HaPi library. The underlying typo caused the assignUserToProject method to fail with a 404 error. This issue has since been resolved and version 1.0.1 is now available which corrects the typo allowing for the method to function as expected. Version 1.0.1

URL Forwards and their impact on the underlying websites Page Ranking

Let me put this as clearly as possible. A domain that forwards to an existing site does not provide any Page Ranking benefits to the forwarded domain. In fact the domain name that forwards to the existing website will not even be available in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is because when you do

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Using the Describe command of IBM DB2 to get column data types

Ever find yourself working in an unfamiliar Database or table and in need of knowing what are the data types for the different columns? Well that recently happened to me when I had to expand some queries in a DB2 environment. As it turns out there exists the Describe command that outputs the columns of

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How to Save and Write To and From a File in Visual Basic

A common task when creating a form based windows application is to allow a user to save their information and to also load saved information. In this short tutorial I will show you the basic steps to save a form’s information to a file and then load up the contents of the saved file. Saving

Multiplying a Database Column’s Values

Like most individuals I find the built int SUM function of SQL very helpful when performing computations. Recently however I found myself wondering how to compute the product of a result set grouped by some factor, and I found myself slightly at a lost as no Product function exists. Fortunately for us we can use