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Some may already have noticed but this past Monday we released the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin for WordPress. This stream-linef plugin is built with the purpose of enabling you to quickly and easily take full advantage of all the widgets and feature that Amazon makes available to associates, and of course monetize your website while doing so.

I won’t take the time to list through all the features this plugin offers but instead, I’ll simply say this: If you are an Amazon Associate and run a WordPress powered website then the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin is for you.

Comments & Questions

  1. I just installed the Amazon plugin and I can’t get past the Access Key/Secret Key settings. I copied them directly from the AWS page but they won’t validate. I then made a new pair which also say invalid.

    I’m happy to give you a share of the links if you can help me get up and running. Thanks!


    1. Bryan:

      Some other users have reported the same issue that you are seeing. If possible can you let me know what version of WordPress and PHP you are using for your website? Also if you generate a new set of keys and send to me (email) I can test them out locally to help determine the underlying issue. Once it gets worked out you can then disable the keys you shared with me.


  2. I’ve installed this plug in, set up my associate ID but may be being dim but can’t see how to actually use it? How do I get it on a post to link to a specific amazon item? WordPress continues to dispaly a message saying the plug in isn’t set up. The only things not set are items I don’t want to set. Any help appreciated.

    1. Steve:

      I’m still in the process of writing up all the documentation for the plugin so please bear with me. The plugin utilizes the Amazon Product API to lookup products on amazon and insert links. This API requires you to have an Amazon Web Services account which is free at Once you have an account log-in and go to Account > Security Credentials and you will find your access keys to set on the plugin admin page.

      After you have setup you AWS credentials when creating or editing a page/post you will notice a new button available when you are in text editor mode. You can use this button to search for Amazon products and insert them into your posts.

      Let me know if this helps,
      > Matthew J. Denton

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