Rendering IE 8 in IE 7 compatibility mode

Unfortunately Microsoft over the years has left us disappointed year after year with their web browser Internet Explorer. Yes, I know we all have had frustration with the little quirks that all browsers have but Internet Explorer has been the bane of the web developer. IE 8 like previous incarnations appears at first to be step up until you look closely and notice the issues with its animation rendering capability.

Anyhow enough rambling, Recently I came across a nifty little meta tag that IE 8 supports that tells it to render the page content as IE 7 would. Quickly and easily removing any quirks introduced to your website that are IE 8 specific. Now instead of 2 or 3 version of IE that you need to support you are back down to simply IE 7 or if you are one of the unfortunate ones, IE 6 as well.

Enjoy, and here is to hoping that for IE 9 they do a full rewrite of this web browser known as Internet Explorer

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