1.0 release to the HaPi Library – PHP Wrapper Library of the Harvest API

The official 1.0 release of the PHP Wrapper Library of the Harvest API is finally here. Over the last few weeks I have been performing bug fixes as well as making some functional enhancements. In this release I have added in a new HarvestReports object that allows users to query for only active/inactive clients, projects, and users. In addition there are quick methods for obtaining the active time entry of a user or for all users in your account, if you need to quickly see what Users are working on. The second major enhancement is the addition of preset time period methods to the Harvest_Range object allowing you to quickly get reports on this week, last week, and this/last month.

You can download the latest version of the library on it’s official page over in the Project Laboratory. In addition you will find many examples showing you how to configure and use the library.

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