Tips & Tricks

Securing your php websites on shared servers by use of the session_save_path configuration

Beginner web developers may not be fully aware of the security vulnerabilities from shared hosting. Most shared hosting servers work by having a common php installation that uses the same php.ini configurations to run. What this means to the user is that all session information for all users are stored in a common directory on

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to split a post into multiple pages

When writing a post to your WordPress powered blog or website have you ever wished you could split it up into multiple pages? The good news is that you can WordPress comes by default with the ability to create paginated posts by use of the Page-Link tag. This tag notifies WordPress that the following content

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to utilize custom fields to enhance your blog posts and main page

Very often when developing a WordPress powered blog or website you may find that you need to add custom features. One of the most common feature requests that I have come across is to add an image to the excerpts that get displayed on the main posts/articles page. Some people will try to utilize the

AddThis: the one stop bookmarking and Sharing tool for your blog, website, or flash application

AddThis is a free easy to utilize web service that enables you to increase your site traffic by enabling visitors to easily bookmark and share your web pages and content with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so many more. The service works by letting you add a customizable button to your site that

Tips & Tricks: Don’t use UPPER or LOWER function in optimized queries

As a certain project at work evolves I find that more and more of my time is spent on optimizing the T-SQL queries that are utilized. Recently I have come across the issue that an index was not getting utilized in a sql query when I was using the UPPER or LOWER function to do

WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to use get_posts & get_pages to create custom navigations

In addition to using the wp_get_archives function to display archives, WordPress provides a multitude of other functions that you can use to suit your navigational needs. Two similar functions that come to mind are get_posts and get_pages. The get_posts function returns all the posts that match your criteria while get_pages returns pages. To illustrate how

Tips & Tricks: How to iterate over a collection using the for loop.

Most Java programmers are aware of how to initialize and use an iterator utilizing the basic while loop. In most cases developers will iterate over a collection for every element in it using the follow generic code: Iterator lIter = myList.iterator(); while(lIter.hasNext()) { … // some logic } However it is surprising how many developers

Java Tips & Tricks: Splitting a String on the Pipe “|” Delimeter

Recently I came across the issue in java where the split command I was executing was returning an array split on every character and not the | character as I had specified. String[] subStrings = myString.split( “|” ); The reason for this functionality is that the | character represent a character delimeter. To split the

Tips & Tricks: How to add a new Table Row using jQuery

In Dynamic websites we often find that we need to modify page content on the fly based on user actions. A common example of this is allowing the user to add additional input boxes for configurations or attachments. I personally like to contain such input as a new row in a table. To accomplish this

TweenLite: How to Tween an Animation by use of frames and frameLabels

When working with tweens in Flash we often create custom time-line based animations for various elements of the project. These time-line animations can sometimes need to be played in reverse by the frame count and not by a time duration. If one utilizes the TweenLite or TweenMax Tweening Framework this task can easily be completed