WordPress Tips & Tricks: How to split a post into multiple pages

When writing a post to your WordPress powered blog or website have you ever wished you could split it up into multiple pages? The good news is that you can WordPress comes by default with the ability to create paginated posts by use of the Page-Link tag. This tag notifies WordPress that the following content should be on different page then the proceeding content.

The tag is used by simply inserting the text <!–nextpage–> into your post. There used to be a button to make this task easier on the user but it was removed to clean up the tools bar. You may find that this tag is not working for you in your site, the reason for this is that the theme you are using failed to implement the Page-Link function into their templates to display the pages. You can correct this by calling the wp_link_pages function in your single post template.

You can fully customize the page link by the usage of various parameters including before, after, next_or_number, and other self explanatory options. For a full list of options check out the Styling Page-Links page of the WordPress Codex.

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