Google Analytics API

Tired of accessing Google Analytics via their web interface to obtain your web statistics? Great news Google has released a beta version API for accessing the analytics data.  For the full documentation you can access the official google labs page.

As with most APIs google does place a quota on the calls you can make to the system so as to preserver integrity of their server.  The quota is defined per web property (unique profile id)

  • 10,000 requests per a 24 hour period
  • 100 requests per every 10 second period
  • Max entries of 10,000 entries per a feed request (the default returns 1000 and can be manipulated as needed)

Before diving right in I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the authentication procedure and the Feed Reference. After that you can utilize google’s Query Explorer to jump right in and see what information you can get back.  If developing your own application, dashboard, or widget there are various libraries in different languages that have been written a compilation is listed at

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