Flash AS3 Context Menu : How to customize the right-click menu of your flash application

What is the Flash Context Menu? The Flash Context Menu is the menu that appears when you right-click on a flash swf. This menu normally contains settings, about, zoom and quality if not modified by the user.  This menu is an excellent place to put the copyright or credits of the application with links to

TweenLite FrameLabel Plugin Overview : How to play movieclips in reverse

When developing in Flash we often find ourselves developing straight code based animations as well as time-line animations.  And when creating the time-line based animations we often find ourselves wishing to play the animation in reverse in certain occasions. Unfortunately Flash does not have reverse capability built in, Yes it has the prevFrame() method which

Flash AS3: How to slice a bitmap image into a grid of bitmaps

In Flash Applications we sometimes find ourselves having to split an image up into slices.  To accomplish this simple task we utilize bitmaps to copy data from a section of the main graphic to create bitmaps of the different slices or pieces. Outlined below are the steps and code that are used to complete this

Flash Tweens reach new levels with enhancements to the popular TweenLite and TweenMax library

In Flash there are a  multitude of tweening libraries available to developers from the built in tween engine, to libraries written by developers for both AS2 and AS3. Currently the TweenLite and TweenMax libraries (by Jack Doyle and avaiable on his website GreenSock) are the ones I currently use in my Flash projects for a

Flint: A Flash AS3 Particle System

While doing research into particle generators for a new Action Script 3 Flash project I am working on I came across the Flint Particle System. This library is an open source project with the goal of creating a base framework that is easily extensible by developers to create their own particle behaviors and effects. I