New Release: WPAA Plugin version 1.6.0 – Static Link Geo Localization

Today I’m proud to announce the release of version 1.6.0 of the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin. Although there aren’t a large number of changes in this release I think it deserves special attention as it truly makes the plugin a must have for WordPress & Amazon Associate users.

In this release Geo-Localization has been extended to support static amazon links within your website’s content. This means that you no longer have to update links to use the Shortcodes provided by the plugin instead the links will be automatically updated to the appropriate amazon locale with the correct associate tag based on the visitor’s IP Address.

As part of the localization process validation is performed on the generated link so that if the product does not exist for a locale the original link will be displayed to the viewer. In addition if you have disabled the visitor’s locale in the WP > Amazon > Settings admin page then the original link will be displayed making sure you maximize your return from the Amazon Associates Program.

To enable static link localization both Geo Localization and Associate Filtering must be enabled within the plugin settings.

As part of this release a few minor enhancements were made as well for support of Amazon Enhanced Ads and optimization to the Associate Filter logic. For full details please read the full project changelog.

Thanks as always for everyone’s continued support of the plugin!

Comments & Questions

  1. Hi Matthew

    does the automatic geo-tagging of Amazon links work with the various widgets e.g. Carousel etc? ie if I have a Carousel of products on my page, will it display with my UK Associates ID to UK viewers and my US Associates ID to US viewers?

    Or does the geotagging of links only work with individual links inserted in posts/pages?

    Apologies if you’ve covered this before, I had a look through the site and forums but couldn’t find the answer.


    1. Chris, yes the plugin can localize widgets. If the marketPlace option (market_place for ShortCode) is empty and you have Geo-Localization enabled then widgets will be localized to the visitors Amazon locale.

  2. This is all great, want localisation but i canĀ“t find any documentation on how to insert links into my page or post

    how can i take a ASIN and create a link with this plugin?

    1. Don,

      There are multiple methods to insert links. If you have an Amazon Web Service account (which is free) and have inserted your Access and Secret Key into the plugin settings then you can insert links by:

      ShortCode : [amazon_link id=”B000WH7PLS” target=”_blank” ]Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)[/amazon_link]

      Quick Links : In your post/page editor right sidebar there will be a new box called Amazon Quick Links where you can search for products and insert links, images, and enhanced ads into the post/page

      Editor Controls : If you use the Visual Editor you will find a new “a” drop down button. Selecting Product Link from the drop down will let you search and insert links.

      If you don’t have an AWS account your other option is to simply insert the full product link into your page/post content. With Geo-Localization and the Associate Filter options enabled in the plugin settings then links will be automatically converted to visitor’s Amazon locale.

      Hope this answers your questions!
      ~ Matthew J. Denton

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