1.2.X Bug Fixes and Optimizations to the WordPress Amazon Associate Plugin

As you may have noticed there have been a few 1.2.x releases to the WordPress Amazon Associate Plugin over the last few days. In version 1.2.0 we introduced support for multiple Amazon locales and Geo localization of product links through the use of ip2nation.

After the release it was brought to my attention by Per Gustafsson, owner and maintainer of ip2nation that the plugin was making head requests to his server upon every page load of websites with the plugin installed. Upon receipt of this information we released version 1.2.1 that corrected the IP2Nation module to only check for updates if the user is on the WP – Amazon > ip2nation admin panel.

Immediately following the 1.2.1 release it was brought to my attention that Amazon had created new Italy and China locales with affiliate/associate programs. In addition Kun Cha notified me that the APaPi library did not function on some servers due to it’s cUrl settings. At this time the new locales do not support the Amazon Product API which the plugin uses to lookup product urls for different locales. Therefore we releases version 1.2.2 this morning to resolve the bug in the APaPi library and enable basic filter support for the new locales.

Thank you everyone for your continued feedback on bugs/problems you encounter as well as ideas for new features. We have plans to introduce many new features over the coming months and hope that you all find the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin not only useful but a valuable asset in your WordPress blog/websites.

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