Processing – an interesting tool for visualizing data and artistic creation through code.

Processing is an open source programming language that has been around since 2001, and has steadily become a comprehensive alternative to proprietary software for the creation of images, motion graphics and teaching aid to students. This Java based language and environment allows you to quickly and easily create mesmerizing graphics in 2D and 3D that will quickly have you wondering what else you can do.

For a sneak peak at what you can do with Processing simply visit the examples on their official website. For myself I have a couple little projects in mind that i hope I find the time to work on soon. The first being the creation of a script to generate a simple 3D medieval castle out of bricks that the user would be able to rotate and examine via some basic mouse/keyboard interactions. The second being a little app to visualize my Google Analytics data over time for different variables. What fun this will be, now where o where will I find the time to play with this . . .


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