YahooFinanceAPI Version 1.1 Released! – now supports localization

Yesterday February 23rd, 2010 I released version 1.1 of my YahooFinanceAPI PHP library. This release adds in support for localization of the information so that you can get the stock quote time and date information in your local timezone, if Yahoo Finance supports your local.

To set your local simply set the local property of YahooFinanceAPI to a valid location.

$api->local = YahooFinance_Location::FRANCE;

To make it easier on users I have added the YahooFinance_Location class that contains constants of all the valid locals supported by Yahoo Finance. To see full sample code as well as staying up-to-date on changes to the library then please visit the PHP Wrapper Library for Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes API page that is maintained with the latest version for download and usage examples.

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