Adboe Buzzword : A Free Online Word Processor and Collaborative Team Environment

Buzzword© is an online Word Processor created by Adobe©. This online flash application is free to everyone who has an adobe account, if not signed up then registration is as simple as creating an account using your email and selecting a password.

Adobe© Buzzword© provides all the key features of a standard word processor including lists, font styles, tables, and inserting of graphics. The real power of Buzzword© comes in it’s team collaboration functionality. As an online application the documents you create are not stored locally on your computer meaning you will not have to send the documents to others via email or by ftp, instead you simply grant an individual access to the document by typing in their email addresses. As adobe accounts are keyed on the email address this is all the information it needs.

When sharing documents with other team members or individuals you can grant various roles and permissions. The three roles currently allowed are co-editor, reviewer, and reader. These grant the individuals full edit capabilities, notation, and read access respectively. Again as the Word Processor application is online they can instantly see any changes made to the document.

The second key feature for team collaboration is the Document History. Adobe keeps the previously saved versions of documents. This allows you to roll back any unwanted changes and to also easily see what changes were made by a team member.

If you find yourself constantly emailing and merging documents then Adobe© Buzzword© is a free tool that may be of assistance. To learn more about Buzzword© you can access their online site, or to get started you can access the Buzzword© Online Word Processor directly.

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