WordPress is an easy to use blog/website engine that makes running and customizing your website simple for users of all technical backgrounds. When building websites for others or myself WordPress is my first choice provided it fits the need of the site.

Recently I have been working on creating plugins to assist me in performing repetitive tasks I often perform from day to day. My hope is that these plugins and code snippets will be as useful to you as they have been for me.

WordPress Amazon Associate

The WordPress Amazon Associate plugin or WPAA for short is meant to be your all-in-one plugin for integrating amazon products and widgets into your website. Find yourself spending more time searching Amazon for a product to insert a link or widget then actually writing content? If so this plugin is for you.

Main Features

  • Amazon Widget Support – enables integration of Amazon Widgets through, PHP, ShortCode, and Widget administration.
  • Associate Tag Filtering – Dynamically replace or append your associate tag to all amazon product links in your website content and comments.
  • Amazon Product Linking – new editor button allows you to quickly search Amazon for products and insert them directly into your post or pages content.
  • Amazon Product Preview Support – One click enable/disable of Amazon Product Previews on all qualified amazon links.

Interested? Then learn more at the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin page.

Sitemap Walker

The Walker_Sitemap class is an extended Page Walker that renders an HTML representation of your website’s pages with their description. The plugin utilizes the description custom field and as such is compatible with most SEO plugins including All-In-One SEO, and Platinum SEO.

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