Amazon Product Preview

Product Preview is an Amazon Associate feature that enhances your website by providing pop-up previews on supported amazon product links. This feature is implemented through the inclusion of a JavaScript snippet into your page. The WP Amazon Associate plugin allows you to toggle this feature on and off through its config settings so you do not have to modify your theme templates and the settings stay with you as you migrate between themes.

You can learn more about Amazon Product Previews on the Amazon Associate website. The below amazon product link shows you how the product preview feature works.

The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)

The Amazon Product Preview script includes its own version of jQuery causing a conflict in some theme/plugin combinations. To resolve there is an optional noConflict option in the Admin panel that if checked remaps jQuery prior to the script inclusion enabling the Preview panels. If this does not resolve the issue please review your website to see if it includes multiple version of jQuery as they all need to be set to noConflict(true) for product previews to work. If you are having trouble getting product preview to function please contact me with your website and I can help debug the problem.

Download the latest version of the WPAA plugin to take advantage of this feature today.

Comments & Questions

  1. Hi There.
    Is it possible to have either the book details or some reviews show up in the pop up window? Or, perhaps be included in the post that the link/image of a book is created?

    Thanks, Scott

    1. Hi Scott:

      Product Preview is provided directly from Amazon and as such currently you can modify the content shown. I’m looking into the possibility of replacing it with a custom preview that would be configurable but I ave a few other items that are higher priority.

  2. I’m having the same issue. I’ve disabled the preview because it messes up all the pages. did you find a fix?

    1. Alex the issue is with conflict in CSS. The preview script and popup is provided by amazon and includes some css into your web pages when used. To resolve you would need to compare the css of your website to the css amazon returns and resolve out any and all conflicts.

  3. I’ve been having a peculiar problem. I’ve isolated to this plugin. Here’s how to reproduce the problem.
    1. In a Page, go ahead and add an image, set it to Float Left.
    2. Change the image link to an amazon product affiliate link.
    3. Then write some text next to the image. Save the page, and view it in the browser.

    You’ll notice that for a millisecond, the text appears correctly to the right of the image. Then as the page finishes loading, the text will drop below the image, as if the image had Float None set.

    Any ideas?

    1. Jon can you let me know what website this is? as it sounds like conflicting css. Please send me a link to a page with this behavior and I’ll review it in detail.

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