ImageSlicer is a Flash ActionScript 3 utility to divide a Bitmap image into a grid of images. The ImageSlicer utility is a stand alone static class providing functions to slice the image into a grid and/or horizontal or vertical elements. If you want to fully understand the logic used in the Utility please visit my initial post on the topic on my Resource Blog


  1. Import the ImageSlicer class file
    import com.mdbitz.utils.ImageSlicer;
  2. Slice the Image into a grid or Horizontal/Vertical pieces
    • Slicing an Image into a grid
      var bitmaps:Array = ImageSlicer.sliceImage( graphic, numColumns, numRows );
    • Slicing an Image into verticle elements
      var bitmaps:Array = ImageSlicer.sliceImageVertical( graphic,  numSlices );
    • Slicing an Image into horizontal elements
      var bitmaps:Array = ImageSlicer.sliceImageHorizontal( graphic, numSlices );


Date Released Version Download Library
05-25-2010 1.0.0 ImageSlicer

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