Supported Operation Overviews

The Amazon Product Advertising API provides a dozen different operations to developers and users. However at the moment the APaPi library only officially supports 3 of those operations: ItemSearch, ItemLookup, and SimilarityLookup. These operations all surround the ability to find products provided by amazon and are the key operations an associate would need to generate and display product references.

  • ItemLookup – is used to return product details to the caller. It will return description, reviews, images and other data to the user for the id requested.
  • ItemSearch – allows a user to search for products that match their inputted criteria. Based on your input the API will return books, dvds, cds, and etc with the keywords, title, author and/or etc that you provide.
  • SimilarityLookup – Have a product that you are creating a review of? Then use the SimilarityLookup to return up-to 10 products that other Amazon shoppers have purchased when they bought the item you provided.

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