Amazon Omakase Widget

[amazon_omakase size=”300×250″ /]

The Amazon Omakase (leave it to us) Widget enables you to render amazon optimized product ads to your website visitors. Amazon allows you to determine the styling of the ads but uses it’s knowledge of your website and it’s visitors to determine what products to show.

Amazon Omakase ShortCode

The Amazon Omakse Widget can be inserted into your website’s posts and comments through the use of the amazon_omakase ShortCode.

[amazon_omakase size="300x250" /]

The ShortCode interface fully supports all widget options that are defined in the properties section.

Amazon Widget PHP API

When developing the plugin we felt that it was necessary to enable users full flexibility in where they want to place the Amazon Widgets. For this purpose the AmazonWidget class was created that exposes the static Omkase method that can be used to output an Amazon Omakase within the php code of your WordPress Theme. The Omakase method like all methods in the API take an associated array of supported properties as it’s only value. To make things easier it allows you to use either the Amazon or ShortCode property name.

AmazonWidget::Omakase( array( "size" => "300x250", "locale" => "US" ) );

Amazon Omakase Properties

Parameter ShortCode Description
locale locale Amazon Locale (US,UK,JP,etc)
Set property to empty string for Geo Localization
ad_logo ad_logo How should the Amazon logo be dispalyed:
hide = Text Logo
show = Graphic Logo
ad_product_images ad_product_images Should Product Images be dispalyed:
show = Yes
hide = No
size size Widget size
120×600 : 120×240 : 160×600 : 180×150 : 468X60 : 728×90 : 300×250 : 600×520
ad_link_target ad_link_target Determines if clicked products will open in new window or same.
new = new window
same = current window
ad_price ad_price Show just Amazon Prices or/also lowest price.
“all” = Amazon and lowest price
“retail” = only Amazon prices
ad_border ad_border Set to show if you want a black border around the widget
hide = no border
show = black border
ad_discount ad_discount Set to show if you want a discount sticker to show on products
hide = no sticker
show = sticker on product images
color_border color_border Widget Border Color
color_background color_background Widget Background Color
color_text color_text Widget Text Color
color_link color_link Widget Link Text Color
color_price color_price Widget Price Color
color_logo color_logo Widget Text Logo Color

Want to display the Amazon Omakase Widget on your website? Then install the WP Amazon Associate plugin today by downloading the plugin or installing through your WordPress Plugins Admin Panel.

Comments & Questions

  1. Hi There just installed the plugin.Trying to make things simple, I want to only use Widget Amazon Omakase Widget. I can’t seem to get it to work.
    can you help.

    1. Hi Eric, If you give me some additional details on the issue you are facing I can take a look. I’ll be traveling this afternoon but will take a look as soon as I am free.

      If needed you can send additional details to me at


  2. Hi
    I installed your plugin a few days and I think its great!
    the geo-targetting is working on the text links that I have set up, but not on the Omakaze ones – they are showing US prices and take me to the Amazon US.
    I am living in the UK currently so can see that the text links are targetting to Amazon UK and showing UK pricing.
    An example of this is at:


    1. Paivi,

      Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve unfortunately have had my hands full and haven’t had much time to work on my plugin or respond to questions. I’m current working on getting the plugin upgraded with support for the new Spain (ES) locale and API changes. I’ll review the Omakaze widget localization as well and let you know what I find out.

  3. Could you please let me know how to wrap the text around this widget inside the post?
    I put the 300×250 image in my article and the widget shows above the text. There is a big white space on the right which doesn’t look nice.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. William:

      Are you using the amazon_image ShortCode? If so you can use the container, container_class and container_style attributes to style the image as needed.

      [amazon_image id="B0032Z751C" container="div" container_class="float-left" /]

      This example assumes that the css class float-left is defined in your website’s css

  4. Is there any chance to configure the Omacase Widget in a way that I can highlight, tag certain words within the text of the article and those items/tags get shown in the omacase?
    If I do this now, I get like random offers from amazon.

    My blogs talks lots about music or movies and I would be great if the reader could later have an option to purchase on or the other by some kind of dynamic ads?

    1. Currently there is no such feature, however it sounds like a nice possible enhancement. I’ll add it to my to-do list.

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