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The Amazon MP3 Clips Widget enables you to render a preview player that will play 30 second clips of various songs. Amazon provides you with the option to specify specific MP3s (by providing their ASINs), Bestsellers, or to include those matching the results of your specified keywords.

Amazon MP3 Clips ShortCode

The Amazon MP3 Clips Widget can be inserted into your website’s posts and comments through the use of the amazon_mp3_clips ShortCode.

[amazon_mp3_clips widget_type="Bestsellers" title="Bestselling Songs"]

The ShortCode interface fully supports all widget options that are defined in the properties section.

Amazon Widget PHP API

When developing the plugin we felt that it was necessary to enable users full flexibility in where they want to place the Amazon Widgets. For this purpose the AmazonWidget class was created that exposes the static MP3Clips method that can be used to output an Amazon MP3 Clips Widget within the php code of your WordPress Theme. The MP3Clips method like all methods in the API take an associated array of supported properties as it’s only parameter. To make things easier it allows you to use either the Amazon or ShortCode property name.

AmazonWidget::MP3Clips( array( "WidgetType" => "Bestsellers", "title" => "What I've been listening too lately" ) );

Amazon MP3 Clips Properties

The below information is sourced from Amazon’s Widget Source web page with a few modifications for ease of use and inclusion of ShortCode references.

Common Properties

Parameter ShortCode Description
tag tag Your Associate id
width width Widget width in pixels
height height Widget height in pixels
title title Widget title
widgetType widget_type Determines how products will be added to your Carousel. Valid values include ASINList, SearchAndAdd, and Bestsellers
shuffleTracks shuffle_tracks Set to True if you want the widget to show tracks in a random order each time it is displayed
maxResults max_results Sets the maximum number of tracks displayed in the widget

Widget Type: Bestsellers

Parameter ShortCode Description
browseNode browse_node Determines the Amazon sub-category used for adding products to the widget.
Click here for a list of valid BrowseNode values

Widget Type: ASINList

Parameter ShortCode Description
ASIN ASIN Comma-separated list of ASINs that will be added to the widget.

Widget Type: SearchAndAdd

Parameter ShortCode Description
keywords keywords Search keyword used when WidgetType=’SearchAndAdd’.
browseNode browse_node Determines the Amazon sub-category used for adding products to the widget. Not applicable when WidgetType=’ASINList’
Click here for a list of valid BrowseNode values

Want to display the Amazon MP3 Clips Widget on your website? Then install the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin today by downloading the plugin or installing through your WordPress Plugins Admin Panel.

Comments & Questions

  1. Is there a way to scale it to another size (smaller)?

  2. Hi,
    I just tried out your Amazon Plugin and used the MP3 Clips Widget! This is really awesome and simple. But one thing I could not get to work. The album is always (ASIN-Type) in the wrong order with or without the shuffle tracks option:

    [amazon_mp3_clips widget_type=”ASINList” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”” market_place=”DE” shuffle_tracks=”False” max_results=”” asin=”B004ZR8D5S” /]


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